20m ft8 in the morning is so great. Wide open to Europe!

My station is so bad at SSB. Only got 15 QSOs during Nov Sweeps, but I should be fine for CQWW CW next weekend.

Turned 30, became a ham, now I'm having back pain and getting an x-ray and possibly an MRI. Makes you think...

1st successful POTA activation at K-1948 in SW Ohio! Made 49 QSOs within about an hour. Next time I'll go earlier in the day lol

Loving the Yaesu Ft-DX10. Crystal clear audio. Buttons galore.

I need a better antenna lol

I bought a FTDX10 and it shipped on Wednesday. The seller forgot to add the manual. They mailed the manual on Thursday. I received the manual today and the radio won't come till Tuesday. Interesting at least

Slovak republic, Czech republic, Slovenia, and Hungary on 20m today. Not bad!

Wasn't able to play any radio but still had a great trip to Gatlinburg

Gonna head to my first hamfest tomorrow. Pretty excited, though I'm pretty sure I'll wear a mask. I don't want to kill any OMs

Figured I'd make an account for my call, since that is what all the cool kids do.


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