Hello, I'm Jason and currently near Charlotte, NC and live in SC right over the border. Been in Radio for as long as I can remember. Got my Extra ticket a few months ago. CyberSec Architect by day, Ham Radio by night and weekends. Love going portable. Currently have a Go2 HOA Antenna on it's way because yeah, HOA... Cheers and Happy Hamming.

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@K4HEF Howdy from a sysadmin by day :) You do much digital voice? Lots of repeaters down that way are on Carolina Link.

@nivex Indeed I do, Most of the time I'm monitoring Carolina Net on DStar however, when portable I can be found on the Y4YTZ repeater and some local Fusion repeaters.

@nivex Also, I run APRS mobile and in the APRS.FI site/app I post the repeater, or simplex freq I can be reached at in the comments of my APRS info.

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