Hi All - I'm Mike from Leicestershire (but you've already looked me up on
I've been licenced since 1983 (as G6NMP) and went QRT when I moved here 35 years ago. My zombie callsign was resurrected in lockdown - I discovered FT8 - which with a modest suburban garden and a bit of wet string is magic.
Amateur radio is an interest, it's not my life. I'm busy with many things - cycling, sketching, travelling, old cameras, you name it!

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Welcome to operator Mike.

73 from the Netherlands.

Nice to have you with us! New here? Start with following some tags and people! Go check out public stream on your server to find some. Keep adding more people and tags, you can always unfollow something you don't want later.

Also do share your own stuff - write posts, upload images and add relevant tags so similar-minded people can easily find it. Consider filling out your profile as well, no personal data required. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help.

Have fun on the network! :)
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