I have just received this beautiful ham prefixes map from Aliy UA6YW :-) I love the design and colors. Aliy included a little extra CQ zone map as a gift. Love the nice Russian stamps, too. It took ages to make it through the mail, but in the end I really recommand Aliy's map store at : www.kuisokov.ru

Hearing UK station on 14178 >_> faint but 5

20m is really rotten tonight for me ! I wish I had 40m ready. QRT and comics in bed, I think

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Alternatives for the Internet: A Journey into Decentralised Network Architectures and Information Commons triple-c.at/index.php/tripleC/

Any of you also see these nasty frames on 14.050 ? it spreads on 20 khz. I see some on the Twente sdr, but not all. I am wondering what these are.

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A way to hook up a morse key to the USB port of a computer or a phone with an old computer mouse..


Looks interesting. I will probably try that. Now how to transport morse from one computer to another via network? Not sound samples for sure. MIDI? Or are there better ways?

Hello ! I am very pleased to join . I am a new ham since march 2020, but a long time radio enthusiast and listener. I am mainly motivated by learning new things. I like building and am trying to understand the underlying . I love long QSOs with people from other cultures. I am also a long time user. Other than that, I am a painter, as @patricepoly .
I hope to talk to you on air soon !


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