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I would like to build an omnidirectional UHF base antenna for 430-446 MHz range ( and ) . Do you think a ground plane could cover this relatively large band or should I make a different model?
Thanks for your advices.

Cool little bash script someone made to turn a #raspberrypi into a simplex #hamradio repeater!

I've tried to initiate QSO in LSB mode (voice) on 7 and 14 MHz without success.
Also tried in FM on 28 and 50 MHz but no more result.
Which precise frequencies do you usually use to start a voice QSO on these bands? Call frequency is not clearly defined for certain mode in band plan.

I will certainly have to look for a VHF/UHF antenna for this TX. But I don't know how to fix it on the roof yet 😔

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UV-5R 8 watts ordered !

I already have 2 BF-888s only for uhf/pmr with an usb cable compliant with chirp programming software. And these cable and app can be used with this new device.

My FT-450D already covers all HF bands from 160m to 10m and also 6m. This talkie will append 2m, 70cm and bands.

This map shows stations who have heard my radio calls today in FT8 mode (computer communication) essentially on 20m and 40m bands. is a great tool to see tx propagation.

30m-20m 🌙 night is now Poor 😡 30m-20m 🌞 day is now Poor 😡 

I think my
is not very sensitive or improperly installed. I can hear a bit of CW and FT8 up to 2000km but rarely voice.
It's a Windom 21m wire for 40/20/17/12/10m bands installed in inversed V on the roof (see photo). My TX is a Yaesu FT-450D.
What do you think about this installation ? Any advices ?

Found out today about the Cricket40 []: seems like a great little qrp CW radio. Would this only need an antenna attached to work? I was also thinking about making a radio by using a raspberry pi and adding RPITX (transmitter) and RTL-SDR (receiver), but wouldn't that also need a band filter as well as an antenna to work effectively? Which would you suggest/create for yourself?

New blog entry on how to build the shortened 30m dipole I tooted a few days ago:

@M0YNG I really like your minimalist blog. I would be very happy if this kind of lightweight and independent (understand : no dependency) web sites become the new web. Bored with heavy bloated sites full of trackers and unnecessary stuff

I haven't any QSL. It would be a good idea to design one 😊

Hi everybody here!
I'm an old radio amateur getting license about 25y ago, but I acquired a TX in August last year... So, consider me as a beginner. I try to communicate through with a FT-450D and would be very proud if I'd manage to learn and practice morse.
Thanks for your welcome!


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