users, how do you manage SOTA/POTA entries in cloudlog? Have you a separated /P station profile? Or do you log in your unique station profile?
Having a /P profile breaks sync with, eqsl, lotw...
Tnx for your feedbacks

@F1RUM I am not a Cloudlog user but I know the problem. If you decide to use /p as a suffix, you need a /p profile in your logging software as well as a separate logbook in and an additional call in lotw. That is not too much of a problem but in my experience, other stations do not log you always with /p. So in order to have everything confirmed, you might get the idea to double log into both logbooks.

All this sucks a lot.


@F1RUM What I find interesting is, that most POTA stations don't use the /p suffix at all. I also stopped using it. Using /p makes your station more interesting but calling "CQ POTA F1RUM" also does the trick.

Another problem is that if your portable ops are logged into your fixed station log, they will be stored with the wrong locator. My oberservation is that nobody cares.

When being portable but not doing POTA, I now call "CQ portable station DK1MI" and put everything in just one log.


@F1RUM After my call sign change, I ended up with 4 logbooks (2x regular call + 2x /p). I am thinking about deleting everything /p and merge the logs into the main log books.

3/2 ;)

@michael @F1RUM

Doubling log entries is, sorry to say, not a solution. E. g. let me 'sort the doubles out first' last time I applied for a diploma. 🙄

@F1RUM @michael In France, the use of the /p suffix is compulsory. Here, article 7, near the end: "devra être complété".

I do not use cloudlog, but due to problems with all the LoTW and eqsl issues I simply work without /p.

@hensys & @michael thank you for your feedback.
I have to check if I can do that in France. I must log all my QSO in a logbook, and, certainly, in the correct way.

@F1RUM I have seen that some users have two profiles, one with /p and one without. Maybe that would be the solution?

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