Do you have a account ? And an invite code for an or an ?



@sp6ina @EUAcRulGyO5C0ocIHPloKittz/9XVSXJrVGzvX6nYB0=.ed25519

If you have a vps, put up a manyverse server hehe. otherwise we will not be able to do anything.

@sp6ina so we can't discuss together without a server 😕 Manyverse is not as interresting as expected

Yes. I find server in de. But like you I thought that all communication is done bypassing the server but on the other hand in the beginning somehow we have to connect and we can't be next to each other.

@sp6ina and how did you connect to this DE server for the first time?

i'm normaly paste the invate code. I think that in the place where you tried to enter my code

I'm 69 years old, live in a pandemic hotspot, so I don't get out much. Can't visit cool downtown bars where ssbers hang out.
Trying to find my way into #ssb for a week, no luck.
I'm thinking that ssb is the Freemasonry of decentralized social networks:
high ideals,
obscure and elaborate handshakes,
maybe with its own rituals,
and the subject of elaborate fantasies by those on the outside who can't get in.

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