That looks good.
Last weekend a friend and I went to test his radio and antennas for a possible SOTA. His stuff does not look as pro as yours but it worked. (The inverted V antenna worked best 20m and 40m)

@rimugu I've also a dipole for 20m... maybe I should put it in the pack 🤔

@F1RUM my brother would love you if he sees this back pack.
@F1RUM Yeap, he just got his license on Monday. He is so proud. He would me I can use it as well. I will go for my license though.

@pookito you and your brother should have an account on mastodon.radio/ or follow accounts of this instance

@F1RUM Well, I thank you for that, I did not know. I'll pass that along to him. I'll follow the instance from here. I am sure he will open an acc there.

I am working on a #RaspberryPI with #pi-star is for his radio.
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