πŸ†˜ πŸ“» HF transceiver for in portable/SOTA/POTA usage ?

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Thanks for your review about QRP HF transceiver for digimode.
I have some details to check, but the FT-818ND seems to be the device I need (if I really need a new rig...).
I'll certainly work without ATU and build some tuned antennas

@F1RUM I have not tried a 818, just my 817ND.
IMHO 817 is a bit difficult on digimodes. The audio frequency response is not flat over the TX-passband.
This have the effect that I have to adjust audio output from the computer when moving over the waterfall.
Most software manages this by changing the VFO so that you always transmit on your sweet spot. But I also have a NUE-PSK and that box cannot control the rig, and therefore I always have to adjust the TX audio.

Thank you for your feedback @SM0RVV
I would certainly use a lighter software on my phone, so, no split option to adapt frequency, I understand. Other point, the FT-818 has no integrated ATU neither PC interface... so you have to add many external devices.
I don't know if the xeigu models are easy to use for digimode, the CE-19 interface seems simple and light to carry

@sp6ina cool but no more available, seems to be discontinued

@F1RUM @sp6ina Omega radios are essentially made by a small HAM company in Poland, I saw them on one of the hamfests in Poland a few years ago and they seem pretty cool. Of course with small scale there may be some problems. Still, if you're interested, it seems to be available here: (I've bought from this shop before, it's also ran by a HAM, SP7UKL)

@F1RUM TX-500 ? I just saw this review, which rates it pretty well on the power and off-grid use -

@vu3rdd thanks but this "exotic" device is a bit expensive. At this price, I prefer something I could get support easily

@F1RUM I looked at the picture only after I posted the video. $900 is *a lot*. I would not buy it.

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