In French, when you speak to someone, how do you translate "you"? "tu" or "vous"?
Here is a schema to help you 🙂

If you speak to several persons, it's automatically "vous"

@F1RUM that often pops up in r/French and r/languagelearning it's a fun little graph, which does teach you about etiquette en français

@F1RUM i really don't agree with the teacher bit, teacher is always a "vous" situation

@Hiraelle @F1RUM I've lived in Tahiti and there, singular "vous" is considered rude, so it's always "tu" even for teachers :)

"Monsieur, tu peux répéter s'il te plaît ?" (believe it or not :p)

Also, in higher education, some of my teachers asked us to use their name and use "tu" with them.

@roptat @Hiraelle @F1RUM and here in Québec you use "tu" for most people, including teachers (at least after high school, idk about before)

@Hiraelle @F1RUM Depends on the teacher, I had a few of them at university asking for "Tu".

@Hiraelle @F1RUM (also, little kids use "tu" when they speak to their teachers too)

@Hiraelle @F1RUM Yeah, that's *the* wrong point. Younger teachers are often more attached to "vous".

@besserwisser yes, of course, but for native English, it should not help 🙂

@besserwisser sometime, I think they are right to have an easier language. Time that French children spend to learn all subtleties of our language instead of learning really useful things 😕

@F1RUM looks pretty intuitive to me. Very similar to "ty" vs "Pan" in Polish. I suspect German "du" vs "Sie" follows a similar pattern as well.

I wonder if English "thou" vs "you" would follow similar pattern if "thou" survived to our times.

@F1RUM @wolf480pl

Looks similar as well to "tu" vs "usted" in Spanish. Though IIRC from Spanish class, "usted" has been dropped in most Central and South American dialects.

@F1RUM I always use “tu” if it’s the second+ time we are taking... 😄
Whoever is offended, not my fault that they cant get a time machine 😅😂

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