In French, when you speak to someone, how do you translate "you"? "tu" or "vous"?
Here is a schema to help you 🙂

@F1RUM that often pops up in r/French and r/languagelearning it's a fun little graph, which does teach you about etiquette en français

@F1RUM i really don't agree with the teacher bit, teacher is always a "vous" situation

@Hiraelle @F1RUM I've lived in Tahiti and there, singular "vous" is considered rude, so it's always "tu" even for teachers :)

"Monsieur, tu peux répéter s'il te plaît ?" (believe it or not :p)

Also, in higher education, some of my teachers asked us to use their name and use "tu" with them.

@roptat @Hiraelle @F1RUM and here in Québec you use "tu" for most people, including teachers (at least after high school, idk about before)

@Hiraelle @F1RUM Depends on the teacher, I had a few of them at university asking for "Tu".

@Hiraelle @F1RUM (also, little kids use "tu" when they speak to their teachers too)

@Hiraelle @F1RUM Yeah, that's *the* wrong point. Younger teachers are often more attached to "vous".

Dommage que ne soit pas représenté le vouvoiement des enfants envers leurs parents et aïeux dans les familles aristocrates 😄

@F1RUM Fuck that! Viva anarchism! "Tu" and "camarade" for everyone !

@AugierLe42e @F1RUM

Long time ago, when there were separate estates of people, the nobles were referred to as "sir/mr." and the peasants were referred to with "thou". Then, after feudalism was abolished, everyone was lifted up to the level of nobles - now everyone is "sir/mr.", and "thou" is reserved for people you're close with.

An alternative way to bring equality is to bring everyone downwards, to the level of peasants. Then everyone is called "thou".

Except not in English.

@AugierLe42e @F1RUM
I'm pretty certain the above happened in Polish, and I suspect a similar thing may've happened in French. In English it probably happened differently, because "thou" was dropped and "you" is somewhere between "thou" and "sir".

My point is, let's default to the higher level of respect.

@wolf480pl Différenciation between "tu" and "vous" in French is not really a question of respect. Despite all the respect they show to they divinity, French Christians still calls it using "tu".

Also… I fail to see how this really matters, but, well…

@wolf480pl Ok, first, this is about French an not English. And I'm pretty disturbed how you associate people close to you (the ones for which you say you reserve "thou", also, except actors in Shakespeare's play, does anyone still uses "thou"? 🤔) with being peasants. I surely wouldn't be friends with you if this is how you think of them… 🙄

@besserwisser sometime, I think they are right to have an easier language. Time that French children spend to learn all subtleties of our language instead of learning really useful things 😕

@F1RUM looks pretty intuitive to me. Very similar to "ty" vs "Pan" in Polish. I suspect German "du" vs "Sie" follows a similar pattern as well.

I wonder if English "thou" vs "you" would follow similar pattern if "thou" survived to our times.

@F1RUM @wolf480pl

Looks similar as well to "tu" vs "usted" in Spanish. Though IIRC from Spanish class, "usted" has been dropped in most Central and South American dialects.

@F1RUM I always use “tu” if it’s the second+ time we are taking... 😄
Whoever is offended, not my fault that they cant get a time machine 😅😂

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