What's the procedure to activate a summits?
There are several in Massif Central area not so far to me. Can I go with my FM VHF/UHF walkie talkie?
Something special to validate QSOs?

Just climb up and try it! You can find the rules at
It's quite easy, but it is important to make an announcement (alert/self-spotting) before starting the trail. 2m may be working, however, there are no guarantees. #SOTA

@_hensys_ ok, thanks for information. There are 5 summit at less than 10km from home ! and many if I extend the area. 2m is not a very good idea. I think I have to acquire some HF qrp equipment 🙂

Well, there are summit activators who are specialized in working 2m. I'd suggest then to use a directional antenna.

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