You know ?

Framasoft needs your help to finance the next roadmap milestones :

🚩 Global search through whole instances
🚩 Moderation useful tools
🚩 Plugins & playlists
🚩 Live streaming in peer 2 peer mode !

This free software would become a wonderful Youtube full alternative !

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@F1RUM OMG I want livestream p2p, I wonder what magic they'll use to complete all that with only 60k, but let's gooooo

@themartylake they will use the same technology they use to diffuse stored videos : a mix of webrtc and bittorrent πŸ™‚

@F1RUM I wonder how it will be for viewers. if you will be able to interact with the stream in a "real time way" =)


You can read my mind, can't you? I just wanted to ask about federated media publishing platforms. In my earlier fediverse days #mediagoblin was state of the art. That seems a bit deserted today. What else is there (also for images and audio)? Live streaming isn't that important to me.

@es0mhi Many !!!

🎡 Funkwhale

πŸ“Ή Peertube

πŸ“Έ Pixelfed

πŸ”— Lemmy

πŸ“… Mobilizon (coming soon)

πŸ“° Diffu (I'm currently develop it with @midfox follow dev on @Diffu )


Thanks a lot, Jean-Pierre. πŸ‘β€‹ I'll start to investigate.

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