@M0YNG strange, I reach South America only on 15m... it should depend our respective stuff

@F1RUM I checked 15 after you asked, and it was fairly empty for me. 20 was VERY busy (to the point that I had to call CQ because decodes took too long for me to spot and respond to calls!)

But I will give it another go soon and see how it works for me.

@F1RUM @M0YNG I got SA on a few bands back in 2018. The lowest was 20m. I think it's down to antennas, luck and the ionosphere 😂, and when looking east it's all about getting through the wall of operators in Europe!

Looking at my logs, I got a few QSOs with VKs on 30m and 40m, but all pretty early in the morning (0700-0800). I've not really done much operating since late 2018 to be honest 😊

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