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Discovered this service recently, a finger-based social network


If you need a finger client and have rustc installed, you can use this:

Please welcome me to the community of gemini site owners: gemini://

It is 100% automatically generated by Hugo from the same sources as

That is great fun!

I relaunched my personal website after I figured out how to handle the imprint obligation (Impressumspflicht). The new home can be found here:

Furthermore, I moved my GitHub repos to Still looking for the best method for notifying GitHub visitors about the new location.

I finally managed to work 100 confirmed entities :) My new adventures will be working QRP with my recently purchased FT-817ND and building a small PA for the times I need a small boost.

uBitx v6 modifications, Part III: 3D printed knobs (I like VFO knobs with a finger recess) and chassis tilt bails

uBitx v6 modifications, Part II: Since the AGC board has a S-Meter tap, the next mod was obvious :) The S-Meter of a dead Yaesu FT-290R was a perfect fit for the uBitx case and I think it looks nice.

uBitx v6 modifications, Part I: The uBitx is a very nice radio but the missing AGC is an ear killer. I decided to purchase an AGC board from kit-projects and soldered it onto the radio main board. It's tiny and I was afraid to damage something but it turned out fine.

Does any of you run or know interesting gemini sites? Or even any sites with amateur radio related content?

Here is a nice cheat sheet for those who also have problems interpreting the excellent solar report banner:

I really have to share this: just worked two PY stations with just 5W in SSB on 20m! This is so crazy what you can do with a handful of watts. Antenna was a simple cobweb 6m above ground, nothing fancy.

Today I learned about pylint ( and then about how crappy my code is - but I learned and fixed a lot. This tool is amazingly easy to use and gives good results!

qrzlogger ( is now installable via pip:

# python3 -m pip install qrzlogger

All this Python packaging is new to me so I hope it works.

Anyone owning a Xiegu G1M? Thinking about getting one but am unsure because of several reviews stating that the 3,5mm jacks are poorly soldered to the PCB. Any good/bad experiences?

I am thrilled how far you can get with 4w transmission power (SSB / Phone). The uBitx is a surprisingly nice TRX! The map shows the result after a few evenings of operating the uBitx.

Does any of you know a usable Linux CLI DX cluster application - probably written in Python? I am looking for something that I can adapt in such a way that I can execute a logging software from within the application with the callsign as a parameter.

I'm in the progress of developing a Python command line application to log QSOs directly into the logbook.

It's still in its early phase (started today) but it is already able to query call sign data from qrz, list all previous QSOs with that call, ask the user for QSO data and then upload the QSO via the API.

There is no input validation or hamlib/flrig integration implemented yet but it's kinda usable - on an alpha level.

What makes operating the uBitx so enjoyable, is that there is nothing to fiddle around on the device. You can select a frequency and alter the volume - that's it. Absolutely distraction free operating. In combination with the limitating output power I find it comparable with riding a single speed bike.

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