So I am using matrix in combination with WhatsApp on a burner phone for the sake of my kids’ social life. Big downside I just discovered is that you can’t turn off the burner phone longer than a few days because WhatsApp will then deregister your bridge.

It’s amazing how things that suck do suck more than you thought.


Correction: The bridge does not get deregistered but disconnected. You then have to power up the burner phone, let WA connect to its servers and then reconnect your bridge.

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@dl4mat in this case a bridge is a piece of software that connects to a specific service (signal, irc, telegram, WhatsApp etc) and makes it transparently available from within Matrix. The result is that I can chat with people/groups using other services in one place/app/webapp. A irc chan for example looks like a matrix room to me and is accessible without using an additional irc client.

@dl4mat It might be comparable to using the telephone and not having to care about if the other person is mobile, has a sat telephone or is connected to a different telephone system in another part of the world as long as you use the correct prefix.

@DL6MHC ah I see. Thought it is something related to WhatsApp. Sounds cool. Thanks for explaining!

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