Welcome to Germany:

That's what happens when your mother accidentally activates "mobile data" on her cell phone.

Fun Fact 1: The 50MB was generated by ads from a free games app.

Fun fact 2: There is of course 19% VAT on top of that.

50MB. 450 €. 2021.

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My 7€ monthly subscription includes unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and 30 GB of data

@F1RUM @DL6MHC Interesting question: Would they work w/o extra costs in GER? ;D

@dl5psy @DL6MHC I think they do, you can check Europe in the comparative form

@dl5psy @DL6MHC maybe you could find German reseller of French mobile plan?
I don't know how to search that in French or English. Try in German language

@F1RUM @DL6MHC t seems like that is not possible. You need to have your center of living from where you acquire your phone contract.

One of the few places where competition in the EU could actually have huge positive consequences and it is tightly regulated.


can you challenge that with the provider or via Verbraucherzentrale as obscenely overpriced?
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