I relaunched my personal website after I figured out how to handle the imprint obligation (Impressumspflicht). The new home can be found here:

Furthermore, I moved my GitHub repos to Still looking for the best method for notifying GitHub visitors about the new location.

@DL6MHC you can archive the Github repository and add a description to it which says the code is now being hosted at git.qrz

@DL6MHC @F1RUM let me know if you'd like to try the one I wrote 😀

@DL6MHC I have already seen some code for Hugo to generate Gemini files directly. But I should have something wrong because it is not very good. Actually I convert Hugo RSS feed to Gemini. It is not ideal. If you find something working with Hugo, let me know

@F1RUM @DL6MHC I agree! You may inspire me to get something up and running. just shows the sad status of our local VE Exams.

@F1RUM @W8HF I am ready :)

How do you call in Gemini language the equivalent of a website and a page? Capsule? Gemini space?

@DL6MHC @W8HF it's a good question !
I use "page", but maybe there's a better term

@DL6MHC @F1RUM Looks great. I miss the days of simple quick loading web pages.

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