I learned a valuable lesson: after 2h of not being able to break up any pileup by selecting interesting stations from dx cluster spots, I decided to manually search the bands. A US station came on air, I was able to work him with a report of 59 and only seconds after he was spotted and hell brake loose. A minute later and I would not have had any chance to come through. A new state for me and a new insight: Be the first and you can work what seemed unworkable.

@DL6MHC one of my first (and possibly only) voice ssb contacts with the USA was by hearing a station call cq, replying, and having a chat.

It was his first cq of the day
After, I heard a bunch of stations call him

Pretty sure I'd never have been heard then!

@M0YNG @DL6MHC Totally true. Sometimes spinning the dial is the best spotting site.

Especially if you aren't one of the big dogs. I mean, I have gotten through some pileups but I'm 100W and a wire.

@DL6MHC Sometimes, you might want to be the one to call CQ, find yourself a quiet spot if you can and put a few calls out.. The first and only time I worked ZD7 was when he came back to my call!

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