To those who told me a shortened multiband EndFed wouldn’t be much fun with SSB: I have lots of fun!

@DL6MHC Yes, indeed a shortened multiband endfed antenna works pretty well, it was my first HF antenna I used at home. But I found a G5RV for example does not receive so much noise compared to the endfed antenna. On the flipside it might need more space (or free lenght) as the endfed antenna. Everything depends on your local conditions. Have fun with your endfed! Vy 73, Uwe

@df3dad Thank you! Yes, you are right. Sometimes I have a S7 noise floor on 20m. I raised the antenna from 6 to 10m with no success.

@DL6MHC Michael, one of the issues with endfed antennas is their noise level as the highest current point of the antenna is at the tap point most of the times, hence very close to house/feed point. Loop antennas are more immune to electric noise, even inside of a building very often. I recommend to conduct an experiment with just a couple of cheap parts you might have at home already, see link for details:

Take a look particularly at "Noch eine Loop für Zimmerbetrieb".

@df3dad Looks interesting! So you mean that I could use a loop for RX and my EndFed for TX?

@DL6MHC This is one option, but you can use the loop for TX as well. The bigger the loop the better for e.g. 80m or 40m, just use simple wire. Anyway, when I changed from an endfed to a dipole the resulting noise level decreased, but no multiband operation possible. Comparing my todays G5RV with my 20m dipole the noise level is lower with the dipole. Hence I prefer the dipole over the G5RV on 20m. Bottom line is, an optimum antenna does not exist and is always depending on your local conditions.

@DL6MHC good work! What dimensions did you use for the end fed?

@M0YNG Thank you! It's not self built, it's a HyEndFed Extra short with a total length of 15,5m. Feed point is at 7m, end at 10m. This is what it looks like:

@DL6MHC I see... A high feed point? What do you do for earth / counterpoise?

@M0YNG I had it grounded at first which resulted in a high SWR. Ron from HyEnd advised me to remove ground when the antenna is mounted 3m or higher. In my case the ground wire was acting as an antenna.

@DL6MHC Nice. How much power do you stuff into that wire? And on which band?

@dl4mat I transmit with 100W. The antenna is designed for 10, 20, 40 and 80m.

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