Can someone please invent traceroute for HF communications?


You might be interested in the KiwiSDR work being done to do TDOA based geolocation of HF transmissions. There is a writeup on the RTL-SDR weblog here

from the announcement, and quite a bit of subsequent work to automate and make it easier.

Martin G8JNJ is referenced in the article.

For lots of technical details see

It's a masters thesis from Jan Hrach, U Karlova (Czech Republic).

I am pretty sure there is possibility to have APRS on HF, and there you can see the path that the packet took to arrive at the destination. You can even hardcode the path if you want to check it.

@sp6mr Sounds interesting but I was more joking about a something that displays where on the ionosphere my waves are reflected ;)

@DL6MHC that would be cool, and super complicated! I guess it would need to ray trace and use propagation models to plot likely skip paths. 👌🏻

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