Anyone knows if it's possible to connect to using Cisco CP-7941G or 7962G? I see those are laughably cheap used (like 3-4€/piece cheap), but I don't see them on a supported endpoint list.

@sp6mr can't help you with this but I thank you for mentioning Ham Shack Hotline. Wasn't aware of its existence and will now look into it!

@DL6MHC I started looking into it after @M0YNG mentioned it a few times :D

@sp6mr @M0YNG i'm trying to buy a SPA 504G at the moment ;) it's a little confusing that there are only US/UK callsigns in the HH phone list - are there some more European countries active?

@DL6MHC @sp6mr you can connect anything that supports SIP. just ask for an "experimental" line if it's not officially supported.

When you sign up there is a choice of HHUS (usa servers) and HHEU (European servers)
You should get better latency with the EU servers

@M0YNG @sp6mr Great, thank you very much for the info. I just bought a SPA525G2 so I think I might be able to join in a few days :)

What (inexpensive) options do I have to power the phone? Are there any good affordable PoE injectors?

@M0YNG @sp6mr Thank you. Bought a used PoE adapter from Ubiquity on ebay with the same specs.

@DL6MHC @sp6mr careful with those.

A lot of ubiquity equipment does not use the poe standard.
I killed a phone that way.

@DL6MHC @M0YNG Neat! I am still thinking whether to get one or not. Turns out those which support SIP are a bit more expensive (not prohibitely, though), but the are also big, and I am running out of comfortable space for my ham toys


@sp6mr @M0YNG The phone has been provisioned now. Don't have the time to test it at the moment but will try to call someone tonight. You are right, it's a monster space-wise but wasn't too expensive. I paid 29€ for the SPA525G2

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