I'm a retired navy/army electronics and communications guy. Now a psychiatric nurse working in a state hospital. I'm @psychnurse on gab if anyone is interested.

I'm here for information and advise. I want to setup an HF/UHF/VHF base. I dont have a lot to spend on it but I want good reliable equipment.

I have used several apps to study and I am confident tje technician test won't be to much of a challenge.

I am in N Idaho, south of Coeur d'Alene and east of Spokane.


@comradeagle the Yaesu 857-D is a nice entry rig for HF/ VHF/ UHF. It's popular with the prepper crowd. @31Uniform
@dude @31Uniform Yeah, you really can't go terribly wrong with Yaesu. The FT-60 is my go-to handy when I need something that's going to take a beating.
@dude @31Uniform Of course, there are always those cheapie $109 ones you get from the hamfest...the ones that violate every known FCC rule in the book and will transmit on the Weatherband....

@31Uniform I was about to say you need General or better to transmit on HF, but apparently Technician has some limited privileges on some HF bands now, including digital and voice on 10M! Time for me to build a QRP rig for 10M digital I guess!

@31Uniform I'd suggest seeing if there is an amateur club nearby.
This can be a great source of experience, equipment, and support.

Many clubs have "silent key sales", where they sell off the equipment of amateurs who have passed away.
This can be a great way to equipment for good prices, and keep it in use (which is nice)

Have a look at for repeaters near you. This will indicate how viable a handheld radio might be too.

@31Uniform Welcome! If you’re interested in commercially available equipment (as opposed to homebrew), there are a few “shack in a box” HF/2m/70cm radios that work well. I’ve been using an Icom IC-706mkIIg for a while, but the Yaesu 817/857/897 are also great.

Welcome here Charlie. An HF UHF VHF base, nice challenge. My two tips: Do it step by step. Start listening with a good scanner, radio or SDR.

73's from the Netherlands.

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