@MU0WLV sounds like the sort of trick you'd pull! 😉 I had to terminate it with extreme predujice. Luckily it was a photo-electric one so nothing nasty was released when I took out my frustration!

@M0YNG you don't see much original Dymo labelling anymore.

Thanks to the Muppet who fly tipped a bag of rubbish in my front garden. As a special flourish they included a smoke alarm which has been going off all night. Difficult to pinpoint a high pitched whine, in the rain in your pyjamas!

Morning, total LID living in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Interested in weak signals, staying conscious and medieval marginalia. Possibly not firing on all cylinders..

That 735 now interferes with the XYL's clock radio. Disco lights! That's the problem with cheap poorly designed tat. (The clock not the 735)

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